About Us

ADDCOM Contact Solutions supplies B2B data smart voice, transcription and recording technology, cloud conferencing solutions and a variety of peripherals – from headsets through to large video and audio conferencing solutions. Clients range from public safety, critical communications, private enterprises, government, financial markets, contact centres and extensive reseller networks.

The ADDCOM business model is defined by three clear pillars.  Our recording, analytics and transcription business, our peripheral distribution business and our services business.

ADDCOM have been active in the recording, transcription and analytics of communication since the acquisition of Thales Contact Solutions in 2003.  Since this acquisition, ADDCOM have developed and progressed this business from not only capturing telephony but now instant messaging, email, mobile phone, screens, radar and attachments to email.  As a result transforming this arm of the business from being an onsite appliance to a software as a service model. We currently offer traditional on premises solutions, private cloud, and public cloud and hybrid services.  The captured information once transcribed and connected with analytics is incredibly powerful and provides our clients solutions to identify trends, manage communications to meet stakeholder expectations and hedge against risks of communications externally and internally.

The peripheral side of the ADDCOM was founded in 1999.  As an international manufacturer of high quality headsets and telecommunication equipment, ADDCOM has become a brand name in Australia and sought after globally for large business solutions. ADDCOM manufactures its own range of wired, wireless, Bluetooth and Skype for business compatible headsets, many of which have been designed and engineered in Australia.

Finally, our services division offers professional services, maintenance support, technical expertise and consultancy to organisations around Australia and New Zealand, to ensure they have the very best guidance and support in implementing the best recording and analytic solutions for their organisation. ADDCOM currently looks after many of the country’s public safety, utilities and transport organisations, with an ever expanding footprint in the financial services environment as well. All of which are critical environments where nothing less than 99.99% uptime is acceptable.

For over 20 years we have been a trusted Australian brand name when considering recording and telecommunication solutions. This can be attributed to excellent service value from support expertise through to rewards programs.  Our experienced technical, software and engineering staff on site, in addition to a professional head office support team sets us apart. Since its inception, ADDCOM lives and breathes an organisational culture of innovation and excellence in all aspects of the business.